How to Install, Refresh &; Remove Supreme Locs
We’ve got this season’s protective style hot ‘n’ ready.
If you’re like us and think spring weather and Boho vibes go hand in hand, we highly recommend you try our iconic, regal, and sophisticated Boho Supreme Locs.
The classic, natural look is a genuine Boho dream, one of those IG clickbait styles you’d see someone like Riri rocking with a front-tie crop top and baggy blue-wash jeans.
You know what else is incredible about the Supreme Locs style? It’s easy to install, refresh and remove. Keep scrolling to find out more.
The Installation Process
Now that we’ve sold you on this hot, about-to-drop loc style, here’s a step-by-step guide on its installation:
1. Cleanse Your Scalp Beforehand – you need to have a good scalp scrub to get rid of gunk buildup. Trust: There’s nothing more horrifying than when a stylist asks, ‘Sweetie. Did you actually wash your hair before this?’


2. Hydrate, Moisturize and Seal Your Natural Hair – this helps reduce breakage and maximize hair growth and health while it’s tucked away.


3. Part Your Hairline Vertically to the Nape Area. Afterward, twist out the front part (your hairline) and cornrow the other sections.

4. Once the Cornrows Are Done, start adding the Supreme Locs.

To do this:

  • Open your crochet needle’s latch hook
  • Go under your cornrow
  • Latch on to the pre-looped hole in the loc and close the loop
  • Pull it through
  • Latch on again to the loc
  • Pull it through again, and voila! You’ll have installed your Supreme Locs (when doing your install, be sure to leave about 11/2 cm between each loc for the back and 1cm at the middle and at the front section to offer more coverage).
5.  For the Individual Twists Outs:
  • Open the latch hook
  • Push it through the base of the twist out
  • Hook the loc on and close it
  • Pull it through and then tighten it
  • Use the pull-through method to hide the natural hair – here’s a tutorial on it:

    1. Do a Quick Boho Stretch (if you want). It elongates your locs and gives it more weight and movement.
    2. Get Creative With the Accessories (optional) – in our opinion, you can never overdo it with our rainbow ties and jewel sets. These are basically the hair equivalent to pairing statement heels or a bold Hermes bag with your LBD – they instantly level up your look!
    PS: Check out this video to see the entire installation process: 
    How to Refresh Supreme Locs
    To maintain the Supreme Locs, be sure to:
    • Spray a water-based moisturizer or leave-in conditioner into your cornrows underneath your Supreme locs (every couple of days to avoid making them damp)
    • Lightly massage a lightweight natural oil into your scalp regularly. Even though Supreme locs, and every other Boho loc style for that fact, are pretty low maintenance, you need to maintain scalp care to help promote growth and seal in moisture
    • Keep your locs refreshed with a shine spray that helps get rid of frizz
    • Complete the look with an edge control gel that’ll help slick down hard-to-hold edges and flyaways
    • To ensure the longevity of the style, at night, be sure to sleep on a silk pillowcase or wrap the locs in a silk headscarf/bonnet. You can also put them in a low pony or loose twist – the choice is yours
    How to Take Down Supreme Locs
    If you want to take your locs out or want to reuse them, be sure to:
    For the individuals, the front part (pull-through method):
    • Look for the loop where your natural hair is in the loc
    • When you find it, unlatch it and pull your natural hair out
    • Go back to the crochet loc, loosen the loop and then pull the loc through the base of your twist out
    For the cornrows part:
    • Work row by row
    • Unlatch the loc by loosening the loop and pulling out the loc –it’s that simple!
    PS: Check out this video for a more visual guide: 
    Is this the best and most effortless Boho style ever or what?  Now you’re well versed with the installation, care, and removal.
    You're in luck!
    Supreme is now back in stock and its here to stay. Click here to shop Supreme Locs. 
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