How To Install Triblonde Supreme Locs ft New Curly Bangs

How To Install Triblonde Supreme Locs ft New Curly Bangs

How To Install Triblonde Supreme Locs ft New Curly Bangs

Thinking about going blonde? I mean… seriously considering it but just not sure? Maybe you have gone to the hair shop and looked at all the blonde box dye and thought, should I do it? No, that’s too drastic, or have seen your favorite Black influencer with curly or straight blonde locs and thought about how the style would look on you? How many times have you seen Ciara on the red carpet and thought… that color would look bomb on me but were hesitant to take the plunge and go blonde yourself?
 Boho Locs is a Woman and Black-Owned brand, created for us and by us. We know what colors compliment us and show off just how beautiful our skin tone is, how it glows, glistens, and stops people in their tracks.
Now is the time to try BLONDE! Trust us, you’ll thank us later when the compliments start rolling in, and you are looking and feeling confident like the boss you are in the hair color you knew you were always meant to rock.
Well, guess what girl. We’re going even blonder! I present to you our blondest finest locs to date. The Blonde, Bad, and Boujee Collection.



All Skin Tones Can Rock Blonde Hair.
We encourage you to go blonde and be confident with this new collection. Blonde and melanin do go together, and we created our locs with color combinations that complement our skin tones.
Blondes DO have more fun. Prepare to heat up your look by switching to blonde in 3 scorching hues, 2 lengths and optional curly bangs and face-framing layers. If you want to try a blonde and bold style, this collection is for you. Blonde hair suits all skin tones. Just look at our favorite Black blonde icons, like the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce, the soulful Mary J. Blige, and our beloved Tina Turner who have all rocked and slayed in their signature Blonde looks for decades.
Add Color to Your Life
We are offering this collection in 3 shades
 – Bey-Blonde – think a rich & bold coffee with hints of caramel drizzle
Available in 22 inches & 26 inches 
- Lit – this is your salted caramel latte with brown sugar
Available in 2 lengths, 22” inches  and 26” inches.
- Tri-Blonde – a decadent toffee butterscotch

Available in 2 lengths, 22” inches  and 26” inches.

If you're going blonde for the first time, go with Bey-Blonde; want it even lighter? Pick our three-tone color, Tri-Blonde. Are you prepared to light it all the way? Choose Lit.
Blonde with Bangs. Yes please. 
We are not basic babes over here at Boho Locs. Our 14" ombre blonde layers will frame your lovely face, and our new 4" blonde bangs will add some attitude.
How to Install, Refresh & Remove Blonde, Bad and Boujee
Now that you know about our latest banging Blonde locs styles and have picked your favorite, you need to install them, right? Don’t worry babe, we have you covered, and the installation process is easier than getting front-row tickets at a Beyonce concert. If you know, you know.
The Installation Process
It’s easy to install, refresh and remove. Keep scrolling to find out more.
Here’s a step-by-step guide on its installation:
  • Cleanse Your Scalp Beforehand – get that scalp nice and clean. You don’t want to install these new and fresh locs on a scalp with product buildup. We don’t do that over here sis. 
  • Hydrate, Moisturize and Seal Your Natural Hair – you want to keep your tresses moisturized while it’s in a protective style to prevent stress and breakage of your hair.  
  • Part Your Hairline Vertically to the Nape Area. Afterward, twist out the front part (your hairline) and cornrow the other sections. 
  • When the Cornrows Are Completed, start adding the Blonde, Bad and Boujee Locs.

    To do this:
  • Open your crochet needle’s latch hook
  • Go under your cornrow
  • Latch on to the pre-looped hole in the loc and close the loop
  • Pull it through
  • Latch on again to the loc
  • Pull it through again, and voila! You’ll have installed your Supreme Locs (when doing your install, be sure to leave about 11/2 cm between each loc for the back and 1cm at the middle and at the front section to offer more coverage).
  • For the Individual Twists Outs:
Open the latch hook
Push it through the base of the twist out
Hook the loc on and close it
Pull it through and then tighten it
Use the pull-through method to hide the natural hair – here’s a tutorial on it:
PLUS Installing our new Curly Bangs is as easy as 1.2.3!
Checkout our tutorial featuring Lulu installing her Lit Curly Bangs:
Slick down those edges.
Styling those baby hairs are still a go-to style to add that special touch and flair to your hairstyles. Yours is about to be SLAYING with these looks.
Take a small hairbrush or a toothbrush and gently brush forward your baby hairs. Use your favorite pomade to apply to the hair. In circular motions, create your desired style around the perimeter of your scalp line. Remember to be GENTLE. You want to keep those baby hairs, not lose them.
Ladies, Blonde is for ALL your beautiful melanated skin tones. Don’t believe us? Let us upgrade you to blonde. It's time for you to be Blonde, Bad and Boujee.


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