Like mentioned in part one of this two part blogpost, whether you want to EARN MORE POINTS or SPEND YOUR POINTS you NEED to be LOGGED IN into your account.

You will NOT be able to redeem your points from a purchase if you are not logged in. So it is SUPER important that you first and foremost you log into your account.

Our first task is to get logged in, so find the ‘Earn Boho Points’ button located on the left hand corner of your screen


That will then bring you to THIS page where you can proceed to log in by selecting the ‘Log in’ button

Obvious I know!

But once your on the log in page, you need to enter your email and your password in order to proceed to your account page.

On your account homepage you’ll be able to see everything from your order history on the left of your screen to your current point balance there on the right.

This is ALSO where you will see the options to SPEND YOUR POINTS or EARN MORE POINTS!


If for any reason your balance does not correctly appear on your screen try refreshing the page. If after that nothing changes, feel free to contact us at and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

OK so how do I go about spending my Boho Slay points you say?

It’s simple …

Hit ‘Spend My Points’ on the reward points section of your account page

This will open up another mini pop up box

You should be able to see what rewards your eligible to redeem with your balance.

For example on the account below, there is currently 500 Boho Slay points.

This means I am eligible to redeem $10 off my next purchase.


To go ahead and redeem the $10 discount, HIT REDEEM!

Copy the discount code and be ready to paste it when checking out!

That’s it. Simple enough?

OK so once you have redeemed whatever reward points you have, your balance will automatically go back to displaying 0 Boho Slay Points.

That’s when it’s time to start earning all over again!

NOW for how to EARN yourself some more points!

Exactly the same process, except this time hit the ‘Earn More Points’ button

This will bring up the same mini pop up box except THIS time you should see ALL the different ways you can earn yourself some Slay points

Each option is worth a number of Boho Slay Points.

For example, on this account I can redeem 300 Boho Slay Points on the day of my Birthday!

I can ALSO claim 100 Boho Slay Points if I share BOHOLOCS on Facebook!

And that’s it folks!

So that’s it!

That is the official complete guide on how to spend and earn points as a member of the boho loc gang!



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