HUMAN HAIR vs SYNTHETIC HAIR Goddess Locs... Whats the difference!?

HUMAN HAIR vs SYNTHETIC HAIR Goddess Locs... Whats the difference!?

HUMAN HAIR vs SYNTHETIC HAIR Goddess Locs... Whats the difference!?


The increase in their popularity brings a lot of different variations to the market place….and let's be honest…not all Goddess Locs are created equal…Some just look straight whack…. I'm sorry but I'm just being honest. 

A tight Faux Loc with a curly end is NOT a Goddess Loc people. Just NO.

Anyhoo, as a Goddess Loc specialist with over 10 years experience in the hair industry, I get a LOT of enquires about Goddess Locs with the main question being 'what is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair locs? 

So let me attempt to break this down and shed some light on this for you an explain the 3 main differences.



Ok so Megan Good has pretty much become the poster child of the Goddess Loc movement. She was the first celebrity to bring attention to them in the mainstream and the natural world took notice. 

 Good, gets her locs done by the styles creator Dr Kari and she uses human hair for Megan’s locs.The one thing that stands out about Human Hair goddess locs is that they have an unmistakable natural sheen to them, which synthetic hair does not have.

Can you see the shine on her locs?

It very likely (although not always the case) that synthetic Goddess Locs don’t offer the same shine as human hair ones.This is normally because the hair used to ‘wrap’ and create the loc effect is likely a rough hair such as Marley textured hair with synthetic Goddess Locs, which does not reflect light as well as human hair resulting in less sheen. 


This doesn’t mean that its completely dull, it does offer some sheen but in a different way and to a different degree to human hair.I like to describe it as a gloss…human hair has more gloss to it than synthetic hair, if you get what I mean.



Another difference between Human hair and synthetic hair goddess locs are the actual feel of the locs.

Human hair locs are softer to the touch than synthetic hair, although initialy there cannot be much in it. When synthetic hair is first applied it can feel very soft and pliable and appear very similar to human hair, however over time synthetic hair can degrade and can lose some of its softness and feel slightly rougher to the touch, and the ends can also start to matt slightly.

Human hair doesn’t do this and will pretty much stay consistent in softness, manageability and sheen the whole time it’s installed.One of the main contributing factors to this is that as described above synthetic locs are normally created using a rough hair such as a Marley hair, which of course can never feel as soft as human hair!



Probably the biggest difference you will find between human hair and synthetic hair goddess locs is the price.

Let's be honest human hair is not cheap, and neither should it be considering it comes from real people who I believe should be compensated well for cutting their hair off. 

 For example, if you want to purchase Dr Kari’s Goddess Loc kit it will set you back $477 (£357) and then on top of that is the price to install the locs, so it can get expensive…In my observation, a QUALITY head of human hair Goddess Locs may cost you from $700 (£500), and a full head of QUALITY synthetic ones may start from $300 (£200) 

Please note my emphasis on quality here, as this trend grows in popularity many stylists are offering it….but man some of them look awful. I’m just sayin’.The old adage, you get what you pay for rings true with this one… 

NOT ALL GODDESS LOCS ARE CREATED EQUAL by any means…. Cheaper is by no means better, ladies remember that!



Ladies, if you do decide to go for human hair Goddess Loc, then I don't want you to get caught out. 

Check out my top tips below to help you get a beautiful result! 

1. Check the hair that is going to be used is DOUBLE DRAWN. That basically means that most of the hair per bundle is the same length. This is important because 'single drawn' the alternative will contain LOTS of short bits that are just not usable and will result in thinner locs.

OR alternatively, if you are purchasing a Goddess Loc bundle to do the hair yourself, then nothing but double drawn hair will do for this style. 

2. Find out how many locs the stylist plans to do in your head! Anything less than 80 is NOT OK for Human Hair Goddess Locs, if you want a result like Megan, then you will need anything between 100 - 120 locs. 

3. Find out if the stylist has had any official Goddess Loc training. Watching some YouTube videos is NOT good enough. Find out if they have done Dr Kari's official training in the technique, and ask to see past client photo's. 

Thanks for reading this post, I hope it has been helpful! If you need more advice then don't hesitate to email me at and I'll be happy to help! 

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