Celebrating Women's Day, Boho Style ‚úäūüŹŅ

We're celebrating International Women's 'day all week.
We are constantly overwhelmed with the amazingly beautiful women we see wearing our locs all around the globe.
Here at Boho Locs, the mission was always to be bigger than just hair. Our locs are a symbol of a strong, independent, and proud community of black women who are making moves and are unapologetically themselves. 
Send your fire pictures to our email info@boholocs.com to make our day!
Talking about or badass loc wearing Tribe, if you're not a member of the official Boho Tribe group on Facebook, where our great Boho women discuss natural hair, loc tips, and general #BlackGirlMagic then join now. 
We think having a safe space of our own is important, and is refreshing to connect with likeminded women. Who knows you may find yourself a new brunch date. 
Women's day is a great chance to reflect on just how great we're doing! Yep, black women are factually making bigger moves than ever. It was recorded in 2018 that 2.4 million African American women-owned businesses exist. 
Black women are the only racial or ethnic group with more business owners than their male peers, according to Forbes. Now in 2020, and that number is rapidly growing. 
Not to mention the world is also beginning to recognize our undeniable beauty, Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe, and 4 other major beauty pageant winners are all black women!¬†ūüĎϬ†
It's about damn time we start benefiting from what is rightfully ours.
You know we never miss a chance to big up black women. So for a bit of fun, the Boho Team decided to name our favorite black women in the public eye, and choose a Boho style we'd think they'd like bomb in *speaking it into existence and all*. We then created a WHOLE collection with 15% off for you incredible women to take advantage off! 
Here's the boss babes we choose and the style they NEED to wear ASAP. 
If you know our CEO Lulu, you will know which famous woman she has chosen, and if you don't well you can easily guess by looking at some of our loc¬†names.¬†ūüźĚ
Yep, you guessed it...¬†ūüĎϬ†Bey. The style Lulu would die to see her in is the inspired by the queen herself, Bey-Blonde Boho Goddess Locs.¬†
Our baby girl of the group, social media wiz Nicole channeled inspiration from young and fun Justine Skye, who rocks the purple vibe effortlessly.
So of course we'd love to see her rocking the Bob Purple Haze Goddess Locs that'll compliment her swag, and melanin perfectly.
What would a black girl appreciation post be without Miss RiRi? Team member Zoe, had this exact Rolling Stones poster of Rihanna on her bedroom wall as a teen, because who wouldn't want to wake up to a Bajan goddess.
So, it's a no brainer that we'd love Riri to rock our world in Blaze Boho Goddess Locs. 
Gabrielle Union is another phenomenal woman who has shown us just that, by recently speaking up again racism in the industry. Allegedly she was dismissed due to acknowledging the unfair insensitivities and policing of minorities on the show she was hosting *rolls eyes*.
Annona our customer service guru is all about the people, and we stan any woman who stands up for hers.
The bold and brave Bob Beach Hot Ice Locs suits Gabrielle to a T.  
Sza is the queen of making a statement whilst keeping it sexy. Beach Hot Bronde does just that. Sza was added to our incredible women's list by Social Media and Content Manager, Ony because this soul sister arrived and changed the game!
Yas to being yourself, and shaking things up.
Find all of the chosen favourite styles inspired by boss black women plus more in our BOHO COLLECTION
Let's not forget that there's more to women's day than posts and shout-outs. What truly matters is showing up for women every day and showing support to the ones around us.
Boho Locs is based on empowering all the queens out there, and we take so much pride in watching our babes ooze confidence in their locs and staying true to their roots in the process.
After all, empowered women, empower women! That's on god. 
Comment and let us know which incredible woman you would like to see in Boho Locs, and whether we smashed it with our choices!

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