Boho Locs: Faux Locs that are versatile sis!

Boho Locs: Faux Locs that are versatile sis!

Meet Annona: The Boho Locs Versatile Queen

Have you ever eyed up our website and found yourself thinking, 'I like this style but will it suit me?' or 'Could I pull off this color?'
Well we thought who better to answer this than our customer service saviour, Annona. Having been a Boho Locs fan before joining the team in 2019, she has to date tried around 12 different styles. A true Boho-holic
Why Annona loves Boho Locs?
I used to rock weaves, braids and marley twists all of the time, and as much as I loved them, I wanted something different that's when I found Boho Locs back in 2016. I never looked back, they just looked so different and natural, not like the ones I've seen before which all look the same.
I love that it's Black Owned and they make me feel sexy, and it means I can just get up and go!
What has been your favourite Boho Locs style?
I think it's Lit, I can't believe I'm saying that because it's the one I wasn't sure about. 
Style in picture: Boho Lit Mermaid Locs
Check out Annona's lit install here: 


How do you know if a style will suit you?
I don't usually, I just see it and if I like it. However I generally slay them all 🤣They just match my skintone and I tend to go for styles I know will compliment me.
Style in picture: Beach Hot Bronde Goddess Locs
Had you tried faux locs or crochet styles before?
Nope, I just didn't really know about the technique, but I wanted to stop doing single braids because it was applying too much pressure on my head and I didn't have time to sit for that long!
Style in picture: Bob Beach Hot Fudge Goddess Locs
 What style will you try next?
I've been eyeing up Blaze but I think i'll save that for Summer. Right now I have my eye on Choc/Bronde but for now I'm going to keep reusing my lit, it's on it's second round and it's going strong! 
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