QUICK N CHIC - A  Simple 3 Step Install Guide

QUICK N CHIC - A Simple 3 Step Install Guide

QUICK N CHIC - A Simple 3 Step Install Guide

Why wait all day when you can install crochet! Gone are the days of sitting in the salon chair for hours, and enduring the tension headaches that occur long after.

Follow our simple 3 step install guide for the perfect protective style that respects the need to protect. 


We begin with hair prep tips, followed by the secrets to securing a comfortable cornrow base, and finish up with the full low down on our lightweight crochet install method. 


How To Prepare 

Send off your hair with care - Lulu schools us on how to hydrate, moisturize and seal your natural hair to reduce breakage and maximize hair health while tucked away. 


How To Cornrow

It's never too late to learn how to cornrow your hair. Lulu guides us through a beginners’ base. Just remember, practice and patience makes perfect.



How To Crochet Install

One Pack of Boho Locs is all you need for a complete look. Abi's transformation is super quick and easy to achieve!



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Our longest loc length yet! Serve 26" inches without the ache in our new Xtra Goddess Choc/Bronde Locs

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