Listen up, Boho Tribe! It's time to upgrade your style with something fresh, fly, and straight-up new. We've got some fresh additions to the Boho Locs collection that are about to take your look to the next level.

We're talking about shorter and in-demand styles that you've been asking for! Say hello to the 16" BOHO QUEEN BOB LOCS in LIT and the 14" BOHO SUPREME BOB LOCS in LIT! Get ready to turn heads and slay all day. These styles are straight fire!

Go BOLD and BLONDE with these LIT shades! This shade is a blend of light ash brown with a touch of dirty blonde, and a dash of fierce platinum blonde for the ultimate golden look. Blonde and melanin do go together, and we created our locs with color combinations that complement our skin tones.

Are you team Queen or Team Supreme Locs? Why choose between the two when you can be both! Our Boho Locs got you covered, no matter what your style is. You can switch it up whenever you feel like it, that's the beauty of having options.

So, what sets the Boho Queen Locs and Boho Supreme Locs apart? Let us break it down for you.


Our Boho Queen Locs are 1.5cm wide, with highly textured roots that blend out into loose comb through wavy hair at the ends. This creates an awe-inspiring and breathtaking look that will leave everyone in awe. These locs come in two lengths, 16” and 24”, and two colors, Naturel & Lit.

What sets our Boho Queen Locs apart is their uniqueness. Each loc has its own curl and wave pattern, ensuring that no two people will have the same hairstyle. The added layers in this style are designed to frame your face and bring out your natural beauty, adding dimension and life to the style.

Our Boho Queen Locs are perfect for women who want to embrace their individuality and show off their unique style. The natural look of these locs will make you feel confident and beautiful, and they are easy to install in under 2 hours.


If you're looking for a more professional look, our Boho Supreme Locs are the perfect choice. These locs are inspired by natural locs, offering a natural look and feel with low shine for added realism. They are lightweight and won’t weigh down your edges, making them easy to install in under 2 hours.

Our Supreme Boho Locs are made from high-quality synthetic hair and come with enough in one pack for a full install. The locs are 1cm thick from root to tip and have movement and texture, available in 6 different shades!

This timeless look offers elegance and sophistication, perfect for a sexy yet professional look. Whether you're going to work, a meeting, or a night out with friends, the Boho Supreme Locs are perfect for any occasion.


Our Boho Locs are made from high-quality synthetic hair that is easy to care for and maintain. They are also lightweight, so they won’t weigh down your edges, making them perfect for people with any textured hair.

But what truly sets our Boho Locs apart is their versatility. With options such as the Boho Queen Locs and the Boho Supreme Locs, you can switch up your look with ease. Whether you want — a natural and carefree, bold and fierce style, or a professional and polished look, our locs deliver. 

This versatility eliminates the need to spend a large amount of money on a new hairstyle every time you desire a change.

You'll want to snatch these locs up ASAP! Time is of the essence, so don't hesitate to secure them before they sell out! 

But, wait, there's more! We're giving you the chance to get early access to the new product launch. All you have to do is take our onsite quiz and you'll be one step closer to getting your hands on these must-have locs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the link now and take the quiz!

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