'The Makings Of A Queen'

'The Makings Of A Queen'

'The Makings Of A Queen'

With Boho Queens reign, the team at Boho Locs HQ took this opportunity to discuss and reflect on what makes a queen, the importance of self-love, and the queens who inspire our journeys.
Now more than ever, it’s time to step into our power and raise each other up.
We answered some more questions to highlight our stories as black women, and to remind each other of our grace and resilience.                            
Note to self: FaceTime my favorite Queen to pass the crown, and let them know 'I got you'.

In the faces of defeat / times of uncertainty how and what brings you back to your queen core?

Lulu: Being a 'half full cup' kind of person allows me to focus on the good instead. Of course, challenging times often bring things you can't control, like the opinions of others, but it's key to let go of these things, and focus on what you can control, like how you respond to the situation.

Don't let circumstances shape you, accept that there will be highs and lows, and remember who you are, that you are a queen, and use the challenge to learn, grow and elevate.


What was your journey like on discovering and embodying your 'queen' essence?

Zoe: What's important to know is that there's never a final destination, some days look different to others, and that's okay. Learning to embrace my flaws was the beginning of the journey, now I practice positive self-talk and gratitude every day.

Listing all the things you love about yourself and your life is a place to start when you need a reminder that you are 100% THAT QUEEN.


What empowers you to continue as the queen you are, as opposed to conforming to the opinions of others?

Sheena: I would say first and foremost, my son empowers me. He is so empathetic, intelligent and such a happy boy that it makes me want to be more like him - strong-willed, principled, determined, gregarious, forgiving, playful, creative and nurturing.

My Mother also empowers me. I only learned to appreciate her truly after I became a mother myself - she is a superwoman 👸🏿  

What reminds you that you are a queen? 

Nicole: When I see a cute picture of myself. When I smash out my to-do lists. When I’m laughing and vibing out with my friends, and when I give myself the necessary pep talks.

 What's the impact on our community when queens join forces?

 Lulu: Beyonce put's it best 'C'mon ladies now let's get IN-FORMATION', this dual meaning is so significant for our community, when we come together and share knowledge there is no limit on what we can achieve.

 When black women join forces and communicate, we elevate and build on not only our wealth but our knowledge and power to pass down to our next generation. 

Boho Queen Locs represents your power, your grace and your resilience; an ode to all black women across the globe who are inspiring us with their strength. 
Keep doing you and slay safe,

Which crown will you pick? 👑 Let us know in the comments...


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