The Real Tea On Swimming and Working-Out In Locs

The Real Tea On Swimming and Working-Out In Locs

The Real Tea On Swimming and Working-Out In Locs


We all know that a protective style is the way to go in the summer season. Our natural hair approves of being shaded from the heat, manipulation, and sweltering humidity that'll dry out the moisturized of fros.

Yet a hot girl summer must bring fun, and we all need a style that will let us live our best lives without limitations. 


Whatever activities you have on your stay-cation agenda, you can still enjoy the vibes in a style that can hold up. We're transporting to vacay with Lulu to get the low-down on how she kept her 26" Xtra Boho Locs summertime fine in Bali.




Wanting to cool down? don't let your locs stop you. Lulu took all 26 inches of her Xtra Goddess Locs for a plunge and came out stunting by poolside. Get you a protective style that can do both.

Lulu tells us no prep is needed before diving in and recommends leaving the hair down to float on your back as you do your thing. If you opt for an up-do that's fine too, but if you want to go underwater the weight might disrupt the style, so instead let your hair flow with you.

There's no need to give in to the fear of chlorine. Our avid swimmers have not noticed any damage to the quality of their hair or longevity of their locs. The deliberate coarseness of our locs to authentically imitate real locs means less maintenance after a swim than any sleek and shiny style. Just follow up by drying the soaked locs with a towel :


Then rinse out any chlorine or seawater in a luke-warm shower, and lightly condition. Air-dry only, preferably on a sun lounger.



Whether you're soaking up the morning sun with a run, or smashing a HITT class on your lunch break, your locs will persevere.

The Boho Tribe loves keeping fit and regularly work up a sweat in their locs. Just throw them up in an up-do, and you're good to go.


We all have different routines when it comes to hygiene, but it's not necessary to wash your locs after every workout. Instead, lightly spritz with a leave-in conditioner in-between washes to keep that fresh hair feeling.

The only real concern when working out should be your natural hair. Although sweat is a natural process, due to the salt content, it can dry out our texture and cause breakage. To reduce this, add a cotton headband to your style to absorb excess sweat on the hairline. Afterwards, prioritize refreshing the scalp with a water-based conditioning spritz.


The Boho Tribe has experimented with home-made spritz and swear by apple cider as a key ingredient to remove build-up and clogged pores. So mix up some lotions and potions and give your scalp some TLC after sweat-inducing activities (yes, walking to and from the fridge cooler counts.)

Boho Social Media Gal Nicole shares with us her ACV rinse in Bronde Xtra Locs after smashing her to-do list and workout sesh.


Once all product is rinsed out, Nicole recommends using a t-shirt or microfibre towel to soak up the excess water, and then spritz in your favorite water-based leave-in conditioner and seal with light oil on the scalp to air dry.



It's common to pose the question when deciding on locs to rock, how often should I wash them? And the answer is really dependent on your lifestyle.

Lulu tells us it's not realistic or necessary to clean the locs that often, and it's not a problem if you don't feel like washing them at all. However, that's not the green light to put your wash day essentials away for 12 weeks.

We'll say it again girl, don't neglect your natural hair. Remember to follow our tips of spraying your scalp regularly with a water-based moisturizer, one that ideally fits in the beach bag. 

See Lulu's routine here:



As you can see, there are no fixed rules when it comes to Boho Locs, but one thing is for sure, we will never say no to a dip in the sea again. Do you, and your locs will follow.


We're unapologetically Xtra all summer. 

Shop the brand new 26" Xtra collection in best-selling golden brown and blonde colors to serve looks all season. 



Xtra Bey-Blonde 

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Xtra Bronde

Xtra Bey-Blonde / Bronde

Loving them is easy. Choosing which to wear? Well, good luck.


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I have been wanting these getting ready to purchase them so versatile and beautiful

Saunna Nicole Luster

I actually lap swim 3 days a week in my boho locs with a swim cap on and they are great. They dry super fast. I just put a light spray stay in conditioner in them before I cap them and then cowash after my swim.


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