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Boho CEO and founder Lulu Pierre is powered by passion and purpose.  

Hair has always been a driving force in Lulu's life, and her Boho Locs journey began by transforming clients' hair in her living room. Yet she felt the hair she installed on her clients just didn't cut it.  She knew more could be done to create protective styles that looked natural AF.  So she made it her mission to up the game and began designing styles herself. 

Four years on and Boho Locs is now a major success, with a mighty team, and over 80 original Boho Locs styles. This year marks a milestone in Boho history: The launch of our first ever non-loc style - Boho Majesty Twists!


We interviewed Lulu to uncover her inspirations behind her creations, the community-driven culture she has cultivated, and how she made our collective hair dreams a reality.


What do you enjoy most about designing Boho styles? 

I'm a very creative person, and I absolutely love creating styles that make women feel good. When I first wore my styles, I felt like I wanted to go out and conquer the world, and that's how I want people to feel.


It took a year to design Boho Majesty Twists, tell us about that journey!

I take real inspiration from the culture and current trends, so twists were always on my radar. I saw Passion Twists, but I wanted ease, I didn't want my customers to have to sit hours in the salon to get them done, but equally, I loved the salon finish. So, I set about developing a Boho version.

It took a while to perfect because all our colors are custom-dyed, and I'm very particular with ensuring the quality is on point, and the blends are seamless. I wanted to nail a gradient that really works with melanin.


What was the inspiration for Boho Majesty Twists?

Honestly speaking, it was driven by the Boho community. I always want to deliver what they want, so we put out a survey literally saying 'what do you want?', and twists were the overwhelming number one answer. So, we said 'cool, we have to do a Boho version of that!'. Our Boho Tribe confirmed what I was already thinking, but their approval spurred me on to produce our first ever non-loc style.


Tell us about your design principles...

I'm a stickler for quality and obsessed with the finer details. But my number one priority is to make the individual wearing Boho styles feel like the best they possibly can. I've had our customers say that they put their Boho Locs in and there's an 'unleash of confidence', and that's what it's all about. 

It's also important that I create from a space where my team can get involved too. When I'm designing I feedback to them and get their input, we're all women of color, and it always comes down to 'how do we want to look and feel?.

- Annona, our customer service queen slaying Boho Majesty Twists Lit 30"!

Why is it important to have products that cater to Black women to be made by Black women?

I think that we are in a space right now where the hair industry is dominated by non-black owners. I just feel that if you cater to Black women, you should be owned and made by Black women. We know our needs intimately, and what we want from our hair as we are a part of the community. I'm proud to have a great perspective on giving Black women what they actually want.

What do you think it is about the brand that has driven such a deep connection with our community?

I think it's just that authenticity. It's that struggle we all understand of wanting to look our best but being conscious about where we spend our money. I'm here to say 'I've got our backs, I know how you want to feel because I want to feel that way too. I get it, and I got you.'

Shop our record-breaking new creation, Boho Majesty Twists. Designed for us, by us.

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😲 OMG! Where have you been all my life? After my last frustrating search at my Los Angeles beauty supply stores, I almost settled for substandard locks,twists, distressed products, with horrible gradient colors. Then I stumbled upon your website. You have saved a sistah across the pond! I will be ordering from you shortly.

Beverly Milner

I am shook that the Storm is sold out, but anxiously awaiting for the restock. I am trying the Lit in mermaid….can’t wait!

Felicia Renee' Roberson

Me as well. They were sold out but I am keeping tabs for a restock🤗


I am looking forward to try the hair If possible

Adrian Collins

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