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Tribe do you know what it means to be a Boho Locs Woman? We like to describe her as a perfect blend of intelligence, and wit, infatuated with looking and feeling her best. 
She is a practical woman who makes no apologies for her choice to be 100% herself. She is a black woman, proud of her melanin and protective of her vibe. 
Her hair is forever protected and changes from one mood to the next. 
A Boho Locs woman is creative, sexy, and confident. With that said in this post we want to give you the blueprint. Boho Locs was created to inspire, empower and uplift women and here are the 3 ways we do it.
 Allowing Ourselves To Live 100% Authentically 
Locs are way more than just hair. They're a symbol of strength, pride, and most importantly, a symbol of authenticity. 
So when you rock your Boho Locs, you're not only getting a fly hairstyle, but you're acknowledging that you belong to a group of black women that are shaking things up in the best way possible.
We take pride in all the incredibly black women across the globe who embrace their likeness and differences all the same. 
Being able to love our individuality and still stand as one is what makes us such a beautifully strong community. It's not just about what we do with our hair or what we put on our bodies that makes us a Boho Locs woman—it's that we dare to be ourselves, and unapologetically so. 
Black Excellence The Boho Locs Woman Way 
What does 'Black Excellence' mean for us at Boho Locs? Well, it's all about just doing it—and doing it well. 
Having the courage to take leaps of faith in life and career is one thing, but going the extra mile to actually accomplish everything you set out to do?
Now that's a true display of confidence, intelligence, and the good kind of audacity. 
And let's be clear—a win for one of us is a win for all of us because an empowered woman is an influential woman. Period. We stand proudly in our sisterhood at Boho Locs, making sure to lift up each and every black woman with a dream because just like our motto says—This sh-t is for US.


Protecting Self In Mind, Body, And Spirit Is How We Thrive
As black women, we know all too well what it means to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. 
We get up everyday and tend to our families, jobs, goals, and community like the bosses we are. But just like we're deserving of recognition and praise for all that we do for others, we deserve to put that same energy into ourselves. 
So what does a Boho Locs woman do after running the world? Girl, we run a bath—and we rest. 
It's a well-known fact that we must always nurture and nourish ourselves in mind, body, and spirit if we want to continue to thrive. 
To be able to sit down at the end of the day or week and love on ourselves with absolutely no hesitation is truly a job well done. 
So sis, go ahead and light some candles and meditate; Watch that show you've been dying to see; Treat yourself to a nice dinner; Deep condition your hair; and don't forget to do it often. 
Always keep in mind that being a Boho Locs woman is about putting forth the best effort possible for yourself and the sisters in our community. 
We are absolutely doing the damn thing, but we're not doing it alone. We should go out empower, support, and encourage—and remember to always stay true to ourselves and each other in the process.
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