What Locs are Right For You? The Best Faux Loc Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

What Locs are Right For You? The Best Faux Loc Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

What Locs are Right For You? The Best Faux Loc Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

If you’ve had your eye on faux locs for some time now, you may be wondering: what are the best crochet hairstyles for your specific face shape?  

Round Face Shapes

Whether you want to emphasize those chubby cheeks and doll-like facial structure or want a fierce, structured hairstyle to contrast with your natural softness, the right faux locs can do just that.

Best Locs For Round Faces

Round face? No problem. The best crochet hairstyles for round faces are those that give the illusion of a more oval-shaped face. One of the simplest ways to achieve this appearance is by choosing long faux locs that draw the eye downwards.

For a classic, sophisticated and sleek look, Boho Supreme Locs are our go-to. Available in either 22 or 26 inches, these long locs will give you tons of hair without weighing your edges down. 


Of course, crochet hairstyles for round faces don’t have to be limited to straight hair. If you prefer a bit more wave and bounce in your hair, check out our Boho Majesty Twists


Oval Face Shapes

Unlike a round face, the oval face shape is slightly longer in height than width. Your jawline and forehead may be slightly narrower than your cheekbones, but not by much. Like the round face, the oval face has very soft features. There are no sharp angles here! 

Best Locs For Oval Faces

Prefer a longer length? A long set of duo-tone Majesty Passion Twists will give you that voluminous look you’re after while preventing your face from looking even longer. This is because the gradient draws the eye upward to the point at which the shade begins to transition, giving the illusion of a rounder face. 

Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond face shapes differ from oval and round faces in that they’re much more angular. Like oval faces, they’re still longer than they are wider, but the chin and forehead are considerably more narrow than the cheekbones. 

Best Locs For Diamond Faces

When choosing faux locs, determine whether you want to soften the angles of your diamond-shaped face or play up these features even more. Supreme Locs styled with a middle part will make your cheekbones pop. 

A dramatic side-swept bang will make a diamond face stand out. If you prefer shorter, natural styles, 12-inch Beach Locs styled with a side part are just what you need to look like the ocean goddess you’ve always wanted to be!


Square Face Shapes

One of the best ways to think about a square face is as a round face with more angles. The length and width are approximately the same, but the jawline is much stronger than that of a square face. A square face is fierce, and you can either choose to play this fierceness up or soften it. 

Regardless of your personal preferences, most women with this face shape like to avoid making their face look wider. To do this, you’ll want to avoid combining big, voluminous curls with shorter lengths. 

Best Locs For Square Faces

Some of the best crochet styles for softening a square face include the Queen and Majesty faux loc collections. 24-inch Queen Locs combined with 16-inch Queen Locs add long layers that will elongate your face. If you like waves and curl but want to avoid adding too much volume around your cheeks, Majesty Twists are the ideal choice.

To make those chiseled cheekbones and strong jaw pop, a straight hairstyle is what you want. Our Supreme Locs will give you the effortless glamor you’re looking for while ensuring that you—not just your hair—are the star of the show.


Heart Face Shapes

A heart (or inverted triangle) face shape is the widest at the forehead and then gradually tapers down to a narrow chin. Heart-shaped faces may be angular, or soft like a round face. If you’re self-conscious about your broad forehead, you’ll want to choose a crochet locs style that de-emphasizes this area while making the chin look fuller.

Best Locs For Heart Faces

Heart-shaped girls can rock shoulder-length hair like no other. 12- to 14-inch Mermaid Locs, Distressed Locs and Butterfly Locs will add fullness to the area around your chin. Styling these locs with a side part will also give the illusion of a narrower forehead. 

Long Face Shapes 

The long face shape is like the oval face shape but is much more pronounced. Kerry Washington is a great celebrity example of this face shape. 

Best Locs Long Faces

This face shape follows many of the same “rules” as oval shapes. Think side parts, styles with lots of volume, curl and wave, and even some bangs. Short hair is often recommended, but if you want long, luscious locs, you’re not out of luck. Mermaid Locs will give you that bohemian fullness and wildness, while Majesty Twists can help you pull off a longer length without elongating your face ever further.


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