Why Protective Styles Will Give Your Hair LIFE!

Why Protective Styles Will Give Your Hair LIFE!

We get a lot of questions from newbies and doubters about whether protective styles are actually beneficial to your hair.
Well, you know our answer is always 1000%, yes! Protective styles will give your hair life!
While in the past you may have thought protective hairstyles meant a boring, mundane look, now there are so many options for women who are ready to do what’s best for healthy, beautiful hair.
Need proof that protective hairstyles are good for your hair (and life to be honest)? Just think about it:
Protective styles are low maintenance.
Once installed, protective styles afford you the opportunity to leave your hair alone and let it flourish.
If you wear a twist out do you really want to have to hope and pray your twist out game is strong everyday! Do you want to wear flexirods everynight!!! THE STRESS of it all!
You know black hair tends to grow when it’s left alone, that’s why styles like faux locs, box braids, and cornrow extensions are so popular for women who want to grow their hair and who aren’t interest
ted in maintaining a high-maintenance do and want a low manipulation style.
Speaking of low maintenance, protective styles are time savers!
Do you want to roll out of bed, hop in the shower and slay?
Then a crochet loc, box braid, or a twisted style is for you!
Besides the occasional touch up of some natural oils, a little bit of spritz, or a few loose twists, protective styles will make your morning routine a breeze.
One of the greatest benefits, and how we got interested in protective styling in the first place, is its ability to shield your hair from everyday stresses and allow it to grow longer than ever before.
For a long time people bought in to the myth that black hair just didn’t grow long, but now we know that is far from true.
Yes, our hair easily breaks off from over processing, heat styling, even cotton pillowcases, but protective hairstyles eliminate all of that, minimizing breakage and making your hair lit!
Protective hairstyles help your hair maintain moisture!
That’s kind of how it helps your hair grow. Think about it, dry and brittle hair breaks, but protective styles lock in moisture making your hair less likely to suffer dryness and breakage.
Lastly, protective styles aren’t boring.
They are very versatile.
You can go from a curly fro to ghana braids, or twist that will have you looking HAWT all while protecting your hair from heat and styling products.
Once installed, you can rock your style in all sorts of ways. Add a pop of color, like we did to our Hot Sauce Mermaid Locs, rock your style in a bob, bun, double bun, down, or flipped over to one side!
The bottom line is, just because you're rocking a protective style doesn’t mean you don’t have options sis.
We can go on and on about the benefits of protective styling because they are just so vast.
But to keep it short just know that if you want your hair to grow stronger, longer, and be healthier, then a protective style is perfect for you.
Obviously our number one protective style is going to be Crochet Locs because they kill it and bring that heat.
If you like natural than go for our Natural Boho Goddess Locs!! These bad boys are a very natural blend of dark brown tones for a completely natural result!!!
Click the pic below for more info on the babies!

If you like it short then you can choose one of our bobs!!! Bobs are short flirty and fun!!! We have a collection of crochet loc bobs that you can check out!!! But take a look at our Natural Bob below!
Hit the picture to below find out more about our BOB Naturel Boho Goddess Locs!
OR If you want your waves and locs to mix together to create a beautiful style we call MERMAID LOCS then you got to check them out below!!!!
Click the picture below to find out all about our Midnight Mermaid Locs! But we also have other colours available!
Mermaid Locs are bouncy with lots of movement and a natural texture. The soft, unique waves and curls throughout the hair result in a sexy, feminine, and soft finish that’s sure to turn heads.
Choose the style that's best for your hair, it's guaranteed to give your hair (and you) life!
Let’s keep the conversation going!
What new protective style will you be rocking this year??? Comment below!!!
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