Why We Switched From The Sisterhood Program to Club Boho

Why We Switched From The Sisterhood Program to Club Boho

Why We Switched From The Sisterhood Program to Club Boho

They say true life and happiness is realized when tiny changes occur. And you've probably experienced this – remember that time you swapped the itchy bland braids for BohoLocs' sexy locs and twists.
How did you feel? Like a queen about to reclaim her throne, right?
In that same spirit, we decided to switch from The Sisterhood Loyalty Program to a fresh, fun, and immensely rewarding new program, the Club Boho Program.
Now, some of you veteran BohoLocs members might wonder why the sudden switch? Didn't we just swap from the old Smile Loyalty Program to the Sisterhood one recently?
Well, like every other growing business, our number one priority is YOU – our esteemed customer. We want to adequately reward you for your loyalty over the years, make the system more user-friendly and -focused, and of course, offer you better perks.
And Club Boho offers all that.
What's more, as the world keeps shifting and your needs keep increasing, we plan on, *hint hint*, introducing other programs like the Boho Merch in 2022 and many more.
We're doing all this to appreciate your loyalty over the years.
In any case, BohoLocs isn't BohoLocs without its valued customers.
That said, let's now look into the major differences between The Sisterhood Program and Club Boho.

Why is Club Boho Better Than Sisterhood?

Glad you asked. While there might not be lots of changes, here are some of the ways Club Boho is a better option:
The Sisterhood Program                    
  • 1 point for every $2 spent
  • You couldn't exchange points for discounts
  • Limited coupon options
  • Limited perks with every tier (Boho Sister, Boho V.I.P, Boho M.V.P., Boho G.O.A.T
  • Limited ways to earn points

Club Boho

  • 1 point for every $1 spent
  • It allows you to exchange points directly for cash discounts
  • Flexible coupon options
  • Unlimited perks with each tier
  • It offers unlimited ways of earning points and rewards
Now that you're in the know, we hope you'll enjoy the Club Boho program and shop with us like never before. See you on the other side!
And REMEMBER, if you want to earn or spend your points, you have to LOG IN to your account first.
You WILL NOT be able to REDEEM your points for any purchase if you don't log in before purchasing any item, so it's important that you first log into your store account.
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