Black Female Creatives Behind Boho Locs

Black Female Creatives Behind Boho Locs

Black Female Creatives Behind Boho Locs

With International Women's Day coming up, we'd like to take some time to reflect on the fact that over here at Boho Locs, we are every woman—and every woman is us. In fact, we wouldn't be what we are today without the help of many creative and talented black women coming together to successfully work toward the same goals and vision. 
And so, celebrating the skills and accomplishments of our fellow woman is just something we do without a second thought. Our mission is to always build up our community through supporting and showcasing other black-owned businesses and overall talent. 
Lucky for us, we've had the chance to work with quite a few of these shining stars and so we can't skip this opportunity to show them some love! Here are 3 black women creating incredible work for the community and The Tribe. 

Rianna O — Art Director & Designer

Our girl Rianna O used her experience in UI design and overall visual communications to craft the current Boho Locs website that we all know and love! Aside from helping us create a platform that is functional, user-friendly, and aesthetically-pleasing, Rianna has also flexed her creative muscles—in other skills like typography, photography, and image-making—for well-known brands, such as Nisan, Red Bull, and Nike.

Sheena Brobbey — Creative Director

We couldn't have possibly launched any of our XTRA Boho Locs in the special way that we did without the unique, creative vision of the lovely Sheena Brobbey
Using her distinctive design abilities to bring our story (and many others!) to life through well-thought out visual direction and a genuine dedication to celebrating authenticity, Brobbey always puts forth a design vibe that is imaginative, relatable, and fresh. 

Jay-Ann Lopez — Beauty Influencer & CEO

Jay-Ann Lopez is truly a force to be reckoned with! When she's not advocating for visibility and representation of black women in gaming with her platform Black Girl Gamers, she's over at Curlture creating content that helps women embrace their natural beauty. But over here at Boho Locs, we all know her as the model that blessed us when she came through and absolutely slayed our oh-so-beautiful Butterfly Locs
For International Women’s Day we challenge you to celebrate the women in your life who make things a little easier for you. It can be a family member, friend or associate!
Let us know who you plan to celebrate this year in the comments below & tag any other female creatives you know who are slaying the game!
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Spring mermaid in the color dragon fruit is the perfect style for me! Thanks beautiful

Denisha Oliver

BoHo locs are all that! I have ordered in the past and have signed up for the new drop. I a woman of a certain age and I am seriously thinking about locing my real hair. I love your Locs. My thought is for women of a certain age with gray hair but not completely gray. Is it possible to design locs that can ombre from a salt and pepper to a 1B? That is more of a natural flow. I always have to tweak my locs with different shades of grey and platinum to get the look I want. Thanks Ava

Ava Thorne

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