BOHO STYLES - PART 2: Butterfly Locs Vs. Distressed Locs

BOHO STYLES - PART 2: Butterfly Locs Vs. Distressed Locs

BOHO STYLES - PART 2: Butterfly Locs Vs. Distressed Locs

We have sales in full effect right now, and 2 of the deals we have on sale are our Butterfly and Distressed Locs. These styles are great for that authentic boho look.
You're probably wondering what the difference is between Butterfly and Distressed Locs. Let's break it down.
Boho Butterfly Locs are crafted by hand and heavily textured to resemble salon butterfly locs while taking much less time to install.
This is a more uniform style and gives you a similar look to our Distressed Locs without the need for wrapping hair.
We have 2 methods to install our Boho Butterfly locs. You can install them with the cornrow method or individually. Our Boho Butterfly locs were developed over a period of a year; we don't want stiff locs as other locs on the market; we want movement and a highly textured look. We achieved just that with these gorgeous locs.
Boho Butterfly Locs are available in two lengths, 12" and 20", and four colors, Midnight, Bronde, Bronde/Bronde, and Light.
More info on the locs:
  1. 72 handcrafted crochet locs with various textures; each loc is unique.
  2. Lightweight to prevent them from weighing down your edges.
  3. Pre-looped for quick and simple installation when crocheting.
  4. Wearable for up to 12 weeks.
  5. 100% Water friendly - these locs can be washed and are suitable for swimming.

Here is a tutorial on how to install your Boho Butterfly Locs: 



Boho Distressed Locs create the textured boho distressed loc look by reinventing the classic look with natural loose wrapping hair. They take our traditional style of Boho loss and add a flair with our wrap-around hair for a more customized look with our Distressed Locs.
You can really let your creativity shine.

2 Styles. 1 Kit.

With the use of the boho wrapping hair included in distressed kits, you can wrap each individual loc for a highly textured and seamless distressed look or braid the crochet locs directly onto the hair to achieve the look in just 2 hours!
Distressing your locs is quite easy to install, and you'll get the hang of it very quickly, just like when putting our original Boho Locs.

How to Wrap the Distressed Hair.

Let’s get on to how to distress the locs! Your kit contains 4 or 5 bundles of Boho Wrapping Hair in the Boho hue of your choice. Even though it might seem daunting, each loc only requires one strand of hair.
You can see how one strand of hair is wrapped uniformly and clearly. Make it fluffy! With your fingers, gently fluff out the center while keeping the ends wound together to prevent tearing.
Then, using your crochet tool, pull one of your locs through by latching it onto the coiled part of the wrapping hair. There should be an inch of wrapping hair on one side of your loc, and the rest of the hair should be on the other side.
Start wrapping with the larger piece after placing the shorter piece on top of the loc. It should completely encircle and hide the shorter piece. As you continue, be careful not to overlap or bundle any of the hair and be sure to wrap it all the way down.
You have two choices after you get to the hair's end.
1) Tie a tiny knot at the end of the wrap to complete it.
2) Use a second strand of hair to fluff out and continue wrapping if you feel like you need to.
Voila! Your initial set of Boho Distressed Locs is complete! We didn't lie when we said they could be installed quickly.
You can get our Distressed Locs with selected Goddess, Queen, and Majesty Kits, or you can purchase single packs of wrapping hair in sets of either 4 or 5 bundles, which is enough for a full head install.
More info on the locs:
  1. Each of the 120 (Majesty Twists, Beach Kit, Goddess Locs); 72 (Queen Kit “16, 24”); naturally textured crochet locs has a distinct wave and curl pattern. Low luster and low sheen for a natural-looking finish.
  2. They are lightweight, so your edges won't be weighed down by them.
  3. Installation of crochet hooks is quick and straightforward with pre-loops.
  4. Have a maximum 12-week wearable period
  5. 100% Water friendly - these locs can be washed and are suitable for swimming.
Both loc styles are made with hair quality Kanekalon hair. Just one pack is enough for a full install.
Check out our installation guide below as we take you through the steps to install your locs from the beginning to the finished look.
They're perfect for your vacation and can be installed in under 2 hours. So, you can get these done before heading to the airport; although we recommend saving time, there is no need to rush; the process is that simple. If you want, you can even go on vacation in one style and leave in another.
You can accent them with hair jewelry, a colorful rope, or whatever vibe you're going for. Each kit comes with a 30-piece hair jewels and ties, so you're ready to flaunt your new loc look right out the gate! We want you to feel like a million bucks and more. Show us how you are wearing your hair. Send us a bomb selfie of you rocking your Distressed and Butterfly Locs, and we may feature you in our upcoming Boho Tribe email. 
You'll want to snatch these locs up before they're gone for good. Boho Butterfly and Distressed Locs are now on sale for up to 40% OFF.
Don't let FOMO get you; stock up on your favorite looks now and be prepared to slay for the rest of the Summer.
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