Here Is How You Install Boho Butterfly Locs: Crochet Method VS Individual Method

Here Is How You Install Boho Butterfly Locs: Crochet Method VS Individual Method

Here Is How You Install Boho Butterfly Locs: Crochet Method VS Individual Method

Boho Butterfly Locs is hands down one of the hottest styles out right now, so why not try them for yourself?
There are two quick and easy install methods that'll have you looking beautifully bohemian and carefree in no time! 
If you're unsure about which method you'd like to try, you can rest easy knowing that you won't need to go out and buy a ton of supplies if you'd like to try them both because both techniques require the same items for installs. 
That's right, if you want to switch methods or even combine both of them for your install, you can absolutely do that with no extras and no hassle.
What you’ll need:
  • A crochet latch hook tool. You can find this online or at your nearest beauty supply store. We recommend using the popular pink and green crochet tool since it's super affordable and the easiest to use.
  • Boho Butterfly Locs style of your choice. Our Boho Butterfly Locs come in two lengths, 12” and 20”, and four colors, Midnight, Bronde, Blonde/Bronde, and Light. And great news, you'll only need one pack for a full-head install of any style
  • A good comb. Because you'll be braiding your hair for both methods, you'll need a comb to do neat, clean parts. We recommend using one regular, medium-sized comb or a large, wide-tooth comb, depending on what you're most comfortable with. 
  • Don't forget your creams and oils! The point of protective styles is to help you protect your hair in all ways, so don't forget to prep your hair by doing some regular ol' moisturizing and sealing beforehand!
So now that you know what you'll need, let's jump into the two different install methods: The Cornrow Crochet Method or the Individual Crochet Method.

The Cornrow Crochet Method

This method is exactly what it sounds like: using the beloved crochet needle to crochet the butterfly locs to your cornrows. If you're big on time management and convenience, this method is just what you need to effortlessly install your locs.
5 Steps To A Gorgeous, Full-Head Style: 
  1. First, prepare your base! After you detangle, moisturize and seal, braid your hair back into 8 to 10 medium size cornrows. Make sure your braids are secure because loose braids create a weak base, which will ultimately cause your hair to unravel. 
Cornrow Base
2. Then, when your braids are all set, you can begin by sliding the crochet hook through the base of a braid while the latch is closed. You can start anywhere you'd like, but we recommend starting at the perimeter of your head and then work your way to the middle or front. 
3. After you push the hook is halfway through the braid, open the latch of your crochet needle and hook it to the loop of an individual butterfly loc. Once the loop of the butterfly loc is hooked, close the latch and proceed to pull the loc about an inch or two back through your braid.
4. The loop of the loc should now have slid slightly down the neck of the needle and not directly on the latch. Now open the latch again without releasing any hair, and hook it to the tail of the same loc so that you can pull the entire loc through the starting loop.
5. Once it's all the way through, do a quick, gentle tug to tighten, and then you're all done with your first loc. Repeat the process until you have a complete, full-head style. Voila! You're done. 

Is this the Crochet method the right for you? Here's a few pros and cons to help you decide: 

  • It's beginner-friendly. As stated before, the crochet method is quick and easy. No-fuss or complicated steps involved. If you make a mistake, you'll be able to easily remove a few of the locs and put them back in with no problem.
  • Quick and easy. Once you get into the flow of latching and pulling, the locs will be done (and flawlessly so!) in no time. Even if you're a beginner and it's your first time, installing the locs still won't take hours on end. 
  • Appropriate for 1 or 2 styles. Butterfly locs in general are very versatile, but when doing the crochet method, you should keep in mind that there may be a limit to how many styles you can do because there's some restriction around the perimeter. 
  • Most secure on cornrows. A neat, secure braid base is one of the major keys to a flawless hairstyle. If you aren't the best braider or aren't able to get your hair cornrowed, you may want to consider trying the 'Individuals' install method first. 

The 'Individuals' Crochet Method 

For this method, instead of cornrows, you'll be braiding or tightly twisting small sections of hair into singles. You'll still need a crochet needle because the "loop and pull" technique is still the same.
5 Steps To A Gorgeous, Full-Head: 
1. After detangling, moisturizing, and sealing your hair, braid or twist your hair into small singles. Make sure that they stay consistently small all over your hair because you'll need to fit them inside your individual locs later in the process. 

2. Once the braiding is done, the crocheting can begin! Unlike the cornrow crochet method, you'll be sliding the hook through the root of your hair instead of the base of the actual braid. This creates a more seamless install. 



3. After you slide the hook about halfway through, open the latch of your crochet needle and hook it to the loop of an individual loc. Once the loop of the butterfly loc is hooked, close the latch and proceed to pull the loc about an inch or two back through your braid.



4. Then, latch the hook to the end of the same loc and pull the entire body of the butterfly loc through the starting loop. Gently tug at the root to secure it. Now you should only have the small braid or twist you created with your natural hair.



5. To disguise your natural hair, you need to vertically slide the crochet needle through your loc until you reach the base of it. Open the latch, hook your small braid or twist to it, and then pull it down through the loc until it's completely hidden. Voila! You're done. 



 Is this the right method for you to install your Boho Butterfly Locs? Well, that comes down to a few things: 

  • Time-management. If you're wondering if this will take a while, girl the answer is yes. However, it's still not a super long time considering that we at Boho Locs make our Butterfly Locs with a convenient pre-made loop for an easy install. 
  • Versatility. Unlike the cornrow crochet method, individuals give you the opportunity to do many different styles without wondering if your base braids are going to show. This is super helpful for those of you who want your style to look as natural as possible. 
  • Longevity. Installing butterfly locs—or any style of Boho Locs for that matter— as individuals makes them last longer than other methods. This method is likely the most appropriate for a protective style you want to wear for a while. 
  • Manipulation. You will have to do some parting, detangling, and braiding or twisting to prepare your hair for this method. If you're looking for something that is protective but also low manipulation, you might want to try the cornrow crochet method first. 
Let's keep it all the way real—you could choose one or the other, or even mix the two methods because they both get the job done.
It truly comes down to preference, so whether you decide to do the oh-so-convenient crochet method or stick to the flexible and fly individuals, you're Boho Butterfly Locs are definitely going to look amazing no matter what.
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