What Being 'Unapologetically Xtra' Means To Us.

What Being 'Unapologetically Xtra' Means To Us.

What Being 'Unapologetically Xtra' Means To Us.


& How We're 'Doing The Most' For Ourselves...

Founder Lulu hand designs each Boho Locs style to reflect the uniqueness in ourselves. With no two locs the same; each style embodies their own personality that matches the Black woman they crown. 

 It's no surprise that the names of our locs, equally allude to the royalty in our Tribe. Queen, Goddess, and Empress are just a few names to champion our excellence, with the Xtra collection recently joining the mix. 


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Xtra are our signature Goddess locs with some extra sauce. In our longest length of 26" - this style is seriously in a slay of its own, created for excessive hair flicks and extra AF energy. 


Now, we believe you can never be 'too much'. In fact, we're doing the most and declaring us all to show up UNAPOLOGETICALLY Xtra from now on, and here's how we're doing just that. 


1. Set The Rules For Yourself.


We're here to stay, and we're not letting anyone define our identities for us. We're putting our middle fingers up to the mold often created for Black women to sit neatly in.

Instead, we're staying ferociously true to ourselves. Like sister Issa Rae preaches: "How different would my life be if I actually went after what I wanted?"




2. Celebrate Everything That Makes You, YOU.


Shrinking ourselves down to make others feel better about themselves is so 2000, we've leveled up since then, and we're unashamedly lovin' on ourselves.

Surround yourself with things that overtly reflect the authentic beauty in you - from a shrine of Black art, to hella long locs inspired by your ancestors. Unapologetically revel in your roots. 


- (My Bedroom Wall) There's just something about awakening to Black excellence. 

Check-out Black-Owned Soul Art here ⟶


- Sisters who get Xtra together, stay together. 


3. Be Loud and Proud.


Unjust stigmas about our hair are nothing new. The feeling of needing to 'tame' our natural hair to appear more palatable is an anti-Black bias we just can't get down with.

We're proud to trade in relaxers in favor of our own hair textures. Wearing and sharing symbolic Black aesthetics is a powerful reclamation of beauty. Rock those Xtra Locs unapologetically. Big hair, why'd you care? Springs to mind. 


We're championing our individuality all year round, and you should do you.


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