7 Simple Steps To Cleanse Your Scalp Underneath A Protective Style

7 Simple Steps To Cleanse Your Scalp Underneath A Protective Style

7 Simple Steps To Cleanse Your Scalp Underneath A Protective Style


It's time to show your neglected scalp some TLC.

Our social media gal, Nicole, guides us through her scalp routine to show us how to cleanse, and treat the hair follicles in charge of growth. 



A gentle (but thorough) cleanse with the star of the show, Apple Cider Vinegar packed with clarifying properties, can do wonders for diminishing pesty flakes, reducing product build-up, and boosting overall hair health. 

Get ready to put the 'protect' back into protective styles.

You Will Need:

  • 4+ hair bands
  • A spray bottle
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cool water
  • An oil-blend 
  • A water-based leave-in conditioner 
  • A jumbo shower cap (optional)



Nicole starts by separating her Xtra Locs into four sections and tying each with a band - allowing for easy access to target the scalp, and skillfully avoiding the frizz look by the end of the cleanse.



 It's time to get to work - mix a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar with water in your fave spray bottle, and shake up the cuticle strengthening cocktail. 



Armed with the diluted ACV, Nicole sprays it directly onto her scalp to begin stripping away dirt, while lightly massaging the mix into her roots. Repeating this section by section, and finishing with rinsing it out with cool water. 





After rinsing, Nicole hydrates her dampened scalp and cornrows with a loaded oil blend in a convenient nozzle bottle. Again, lightly massaging and working in sections.

Nicole reminds us why there's no excuse to neglect your natural hair ever again - 'the best thing about having a crochet style is how well you can feel and get into your cornrows'.




Hopping into a lukewarm shower with her hair securely parted in four buns, it's time for a second rinse. Nicole's scalp is happy, and her locs are neatly wrapped out of the way, to remain as dry as possible. 


Products completely rinsed out, it's time to seal in the efforts with a water-based leave-in conditioner to spritz the cleansed scalp and cornrows. 



Nicole chucks on a chic jumbo shower cap to absorb and dry excess water, concluding the pamper session with feet up and locs and scalp drying naturally. 


 Feeling brand new, Nicoles now ready to serve clean looks in her Bronde Xtra Mermaid Locs.



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There's not much the ACV mix can't revive - Nicole recommends lightly spraying it on our loose Mermaid hair to keep it looking soft and fresh.


Watch the full tutorial here: 



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