Silk Locs FAQs

As you might have heard on the buzz line, we have brought back luscious locs – the Boho Silk Locs 24” for a limited amount of time. Yes, those effortlessly natural and unique locs are about to make a much-anticipated but short come back.
Now, if you’re part of the #BohoLocs gang, you might know all the tidbits about these sexy locs. But, if you are new to the family, there is no need to fret.
As always, we have all the answers to your most asked questions. Keep scrolling to find out why you need these locs in your most treasured Boho Locs styles stash.
What’s the Difference Between Queen and Silk Locs?
Boho Queen Locs are effortlessly chic and stunning custom-designed locs that are meant for you, Queen. They are around 1.5cm wide and feature highly textured roots that blend out into loose comb through wavy hair at the ends. Every loc has its own curl and wave pattern to deliver a breathtaking look. Queen Locs are available in 24” and 16” and two colors – Naturel and Hot Bronde.
Boho Silk Locs is a tailored look designed for us by us, effortlessly natural, Boho chic, and unique. They are around 2cm wide and feature highly textured roots that blend out into loose comb-through ends. Unlike Queen Locs, these beautiful locs are straight for a sleeker look. Silk Locs are currently available in 24”.
Are They Waterproof? Can I Wash Them?
Yes. Like most of our loc styles, Silk Locs are 100% water-friendly. You can always give them a quick rinse with some cold water. However, unless you’ve been rolling in dust or soaking in a mud bath (no judgment here), it is not necessary to wash them.
And yes, you can also swim in them – you don’t have to watch on the sidelines are your mates wade in the waters during those extra hot summers.
Are Silk Locs Reusable?
Yes, they definitely are! We pride ourselves on delivering premium-quality products that you can reuse as many times as you’d want – even if you want to keep reusing them till the return of ‘Girlfriends,’ you can boo! You do you.
How Thick Are Silk Locs? Are They Heavy on Your Head?
These beautiful straight locs are 2cm wide – meaning they're quite thick compared to other Boho loc styles. However, they aren’t heavy on your head, nor do they strain your neck. They are designed to be legendary lightweight for the ultimate protective style.
When Can I Order and How?
As we mentioned, these locs are making an extremely short comeback. Why?
Because we are looking to provide you with exclusivity – something that celebrates your uniqueness as a black woman. We don’t know about you, but sometimes you just want to have something that’s only meant for you. Not for every Mary, Carol, and Ashley (no offense, M.C.A).
That means you can only place your order now – but through pre-order only (once our pop-up store is closed, your order will go into production and then be shipped to you).
So, what are you waiting for?
Click here to make your pre-order and get ready to add these exclusive, sexy, and long-lasting locs to your locs collection now!
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